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 Dimensions of life

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Jennifer Cederlund

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PostSubject: Dimensions of life   Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:09 am

There is much more things than that we see everyday.
Many people doesn't believe in spiritualy or other types of energy. They don't believe because they put in their head that it doesn't existe and bla bla bla...
But who can prove them that is doesn't?!
It depends on you, if you want to experience it too.
We must open our-selfs to a highter dimension and see the real world, how it really is.
It's so much things we have to learn, but we can only learn if we feel for it, you must to feel and say to your-self "I WANT TO!", but before you believe in that, you have to believe in your-self.This is only one thing, a simple thing, that can make a big change i your life. And before you help the others, help your-self first.
Everything doesn't just change from one moment to the other, people are only starting to learn how to live with this.
You can see things you had never imagine, feel thing's you always wanted to feel.
We only have to learn sharing things with each other. The biggest problem, is the human's thoughts, like:"If he doesn't change, why do i have to?" or "let's brake this...steal this... just for fun" (WHAT DO THAT HAVE FOR FUN! YOU ARE INSANE! - the people who steals and do bad stuffs), would you like if other people did that to you, i don't think so, so you must be the first to take an other step, make your own decisions and change your-self.
You can't be afraid, the fear is an other big problem, many people are afraid of the dark, but why? It's only because you can't see that you want to see, so your imagination starts to travek in your head.
Remember, evil doens't come from the spirits, so why be afraid of them? it is the people that does the bad stuffs.
The spirits only need our help to go to a new and highter dimension and sometimes they want to help us, to open our eyes to reallity.
So don't be afraid if you hear them or they touch you, they just want your attention, open up your self!
More and more people are reallizing the existance of this energy, now is your turn to do it! Very Happy
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Dimensions of life
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